Solutions For Clinics & Patients

Innovative & Disruptive Digital Healthcare Solutions

BlockMD applications empower patients and medical professionals;  increasing clinic revenue, improving efficiency and patient satisfaction using secure blockchain technology.

Medical Technology Reimagined

Connect Anywhere, Anytime

Communicate with your doctor or patients when it works for you, without software downloads or subscription fees.

Improve Efficiency

Virtual clinics and decentralized medical records improve security while reducing admin time and expenses.

Patient Empowerment

Blockchain allows patients to access and control their medical records empowering both patient and medical professionals.

Simplified Data

Have a clear and immutable understanding of a patient’s medical history, with patient records management on Blockchain.

Blockchain Technology Medical Data

HIPAA & PIPEDA Compliant

Blockchain EMR addresses the PIPEDA & HIPAA Privacy Rules, separating and encrypting identity and sensitive medical data.

Simplicity & Security

Our blockchain system will improve and simplify the data transfer of medical information while also increasing the security.

Customizable Interface

Easy to use interface developed with doctors and healthcare providers, allowing for customization, interactive dashboard, and seamless integration.

Patient Engagement

Through blockchain and the BlockMD app, patients will be able to easily engage and view their medical records improving the healthcare process.

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