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Creating Innovative Healthcare Solutions

Using Telehealth and a proprietary EMR system integrated with blockchain technology BlockMD modernizes & disrupts the Canadian healthcare landscape. As an organization, we seek to push the technology supporting the productivity and efficiency of clinics to improve their day-to-day operations while allowing them to better adhere to the needs of their patients. Through the implementation of more user-friendly and technologically advanced alternatives, we can provide clinics, doctors, and patients a better and more cost-effective option when it comes to providing medical service and maintaining medical information.

Establishing A New Standard Of Care

BlockMD uses blockchain technology to securely store and send medical data while producing a single source of truth for medical information with an immutable audit trail. Different organizations such as doctors, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacists, health insurers and patients can request permission to access records.

Using our proprietary blockchain system patients can view their entire medical history empowering patients with more control over their care. Our innovative Telehealth & EMR platform will securely store, share and transmit medical communication and electronic records. A sleek and modern user experience empowers all users, doctors, and clinics to provide a higher and more efficient standard of care.

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