Security & Transparency In Medical Technologies

Decentralized & Secure Medical Applications

Blockchain provides a simple and secure means to transmit, access and record medical information. The use of blockchain will empower patients and healthcare providers, allowing fast and secure access to data, while providing a single source of truth and validation.

Blockchain can be used to send and receive information while recording each visit on a secure ledger. Our proprietary blockchain system will provide patients and their caregivers a means to access their own medical records, prescription records, and patient history allowing a complete audit trail of medical data or treatment procedures. BlockMD is focused on creating a user interface for medical blockchain applications that allow pertinent data to be accessed in a more effective and efficient means.

Medical & Health Records On Blockchain

Single Source Of Truth

Everyone accesses the same immutable ledger with a complete audit trail providing a single source of truth for patients, doctors, and caregivers.


Both patients and medical professionals have full visibility anytime a medical record is accessed or altered, this ultimately ensures accountability on all parties.


Every patient visit, note, and interaction is encrypted and cryptographically stored on the blockchain ensuring large scale-attacks are economically infeasible.


Instantaneously transfer immutable and guaranteed medical information to family, caregivers, specialists or new healthcare providers.

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Digital Identity On Blockchain

In the physical world, we have many different tokens used to identify ourselves including drivers licenses, social security, and personal health numbers. Since the rise of the internet, this fragmented system has evolved further with individuals now having accounts across many different systems with multiple usernames and passwords all stored in separate siloed databases. By combining blockchain technology, distributed networks, and cryptography we now have an opportunity to create a single-secured digital identity.

BlockMD aims to take to these principles and apply them to healthcare data.  By creating a digital identity for every member of our network we ensure no matter where life takes you, your medical history comes with you, and because nothing is more important than protecting your data we use the same standards companies like IBM and SecureKey use with Canada’s biggest banks. With BlockMD’s digital health record you can ensure that you and your loved ones always receive world-class care with ready and meaningful access to your medical history.

Decentralized Digital Identity

Manage Medical Records Through a Digital Identity.

Instant Access

Get instant access to medical records and history when needed, without waiting or complicated requests from multiple providers.

Smart Contracts

Using smart contracts individuals can now view their medical data and history while managing who can access it.

Travel Safely

While traveling abroad, provide foreign healthcare facilities with a full immunization history and the needed medical information.

Move With Confidence

Move provinces or transfer clinics with confidence. Easily transfer the medical record without losing the medical history.

Family Care

Provide access for family or caregivers to manage and view information while conveniently accessing family medical history.

Management & Control

The individual can view and effortlessly provide accurate information regarding immunizations, allergies, and medical history.

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