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The BlockMD Telehealth system offers a secure, cloud-based and cost-effective telemedicine solution in Canada, through Telehealth clinics can drive revenue & improve patient satisfaction. Meeting the strict regulations, our fully compliant technology is a secure and easy to use video conferencing tool for clinics and patients. The user friendly and adaptable online platform requires no hardware or installation while being accessible from anywhere. Telehealth is perfect for practices who can offer their medical services to patients remotely. With no setup or subscription fees it is easy for doctors and clinics to start growing their practice by offering BlockMD Telehealth.

We Make It Easy, By Keeping It Simple

No Download Required

Cloud-based video conferencing system is designed for medical use. The platform is easily accessible through a web browser, and extremely easy for doctors, clinicians & patients to use.

No Setup or Subscription Fees

The pay-as-you-go model has no setup fees or subscription fees. Clinics pay per each completed Telehealth cisit, only paying for the patients they see while we handle the billing.

HIPPA & PIPEDA Compliant

HIPAA & PIPEDA compliant and secure video conferencing system, using an encrypted point-to-point connection, adhering to Canadian security and privacy regulations.

Accessible 2-Way HD Video

Access on any device, whether you’re in front of a computer or a smartphone, our video conferencing system allows the doctor and the patient to see everything in crisp detail.

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Improve Efficiency & Patient Satisfaction

While Lowering Administrative Time & Expenses.

Improve Efficiency

Designed with medical workflow in mind. The virtual waiting room is easy to navigate, bringing your patients to your device.

Avoid No-Show Appointments

Missed appointments are costly and can lead to thousands in lost revenue. Telehealth lowers the no-show by up to 80%.

Medical Billing Made Easy

Be able to bill through Telehealth and grow your virtual practice. We handle the billing for you providing a detailed medical chart/notes to submit for reimbursement.

Manage e-Booking

Through e-Booking, patients can conveniently schedule their Telehealth visit, giving them the option to skip the waiting room and be seen from home or on-the-go.

Simplify Medical Data

Managing patient data is a pain, that is why we make collecting medical data simple. Patients enter their own information and the visit notes are stored on their Blockchain record.

Review Patient Information

As a medical professional having a clear understanding of your patient’s medical history is vital. Our Blockchain patient records system provides access while using Telehealth.

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